About John

  Growing up in a medium-sized town in central New York, I have spent many days fishing a local stream. In the summer I spent most of my time fishing on small lakes with my brother, and of course making friendly bets. That might be where I learned about my competitive edge.

  After High-school, I went on to join the Army and served until 1995, leaving to assist with my ailing mother. Since her passing, I began my journey to hopefully one day become a professional bass fisherman.

In 1999 I began tournament fishing as a member of the Barge Canal Bassmasters. Since then I’ve continued the pursuit of becoming a professional bass fisherman. While my career path has led me down many roads, the thought of being a professional fisherman had never left my mind.

  In 2012, I started fishing the New York State Bass Federation. In my inaugural season, I finished the year with 3 top 15 places and Co-angler of the year honors. Along with that, I have amassed several top 10 finishes in both club and open tournaments.

  In 2016, I married Constance Breese. Constance knew of my passion for fishing and has encouraged me every since to get back at it. The following year Constance and I had a true blessing come upon us with our daughter Xandra.

  In my spare time, I enjoy building custom fishing rods, woodworking, volunteering, traveling, movies, and teaching people about fishing.

  You can follow me along my journey into the bass tournament world be my website, Instagram, Twitter or on Facebook

Look for me this coming year at an event or tournament near you!